Terms & Conditions

Placing Orders Online : Orders placed on the website can be single or multiple items purchased at one time. Shipping fee is calculated by total weight of the items upon checkout. Orders can be placed 24 hours a day on any day. Buyers who choose to place an order, must provide a full name, complete shipping address, and contact number. This is vital information to help ensure the delivery of your package in a timely fashion. Any "special instructions" should be provided to us, if needed to find your house easily, specific delivery times, leaving packages with guard or doorman, special delivery days.

Methods Of Payment Accepted :  Payment accepted is BPI Bank Deposit, China Bank Deposit, and BDO Bank Deposit. Bank Deposit payments must be made within 24 hours after placing your order, or the orders which are not paid in full via bank deposit will be cancelled after 24 hours.

Accepting Online Order :  All orders should be placed through this website. Orders will not be entertained via cellphone, facebook, etc. For any questions regarding products, or information about a product you are interested in buying through this site, please go to the "Contact Us" page to send an email. We will return all queries ASAP.

Shipping Address : All packages will be shipped to the shipping address information filled out by the buyer on this website. If you want to have your items picked up at a particular courier branch. You must indicate the courier name, the branch name, and complete address to the branch for pickup. This should be filled in as your shipping address. If the pickup location is unavailable, we will inform you by email so you may change your shipping information, before the package(s) is shipped out.

Billing Address :  If you are paying by bank deposit, then your regular home address, or office address will be sufficient for billing information. This will help to ensure a smooth transaction without any issues arising with payments.

Nationwide Shipping :  We offer shipping nationwide in The Philippines. Orders placed will be shipped to the buyer via courier service of "our" choosing. Items which are paid in full shall be shipped out from our shop within 24-48 hours during business days. A tracking/trace number of customers package will be provided via text, email, or both. These tracking/trace numbers can be utilized after a 24 hour period upon receipt number through couriers website, during normal business days, except on Sundays, Major/Regular Holidays, and unforseen events that cause business closure (ex.tyhpoon,flooding,etc). By placing an order online for delivery via shipping services, the buyer is making an agreement to accept the risks involved with shipment of items which may or may not include products being delayed, damaged, or lost during handling of shipping from the time period when package(s) leave the care of our store, to the time of supposed arrival to the customers doorstep, or pickup destination, predesignated by the customer before ordering.  Once a package(s) has been picked up via courier from our establishment, we, the store is no longer responsible, nor will be held liable for any package(s) which may be delayed, damaged, lost, etc.  The customer must take responsibility for the risks involved with shipping.

Common Issues Involving Shipping & What To Do About It :  There are some common issues that may arise when having products shipped from one location to the next. Here are some quick tips on how to handles them. 

  • Tracking Number Not Working : The most common is the tracking/trace number not working. Sometimes the information displayed for a customers given tracking/trace number may show the following : No Data, Tracking Number Not Found
  • Reasons your tracking/trace number is not showing you current information may be due to system error of the couriers website, item may not be processed in their warehouse yet, tracking numbers may be incorrect.
  • Always remember that when your tracking number is given, it means the courier just left the premises. He will not take your items straight to the warehouse for processing because the riders are required to work a full day, and perform as many pickups and deliveries as possible. Which means your item may not reach the warehouse for processing until late in the evening of that day, and won't be sorted out until sometime the next business day. Patience and understanding is a virtue when it comes to shipping procedures.
  • If the tracking number is correct, which can be confirmed by contacting us, then it could be a system error on the behalf of the couriers website. A quick phone call, facebook message, or email to the courier company can have the issue resolved fairly quickly.
  • Item Is Delayed, Meaning It Has Not Reached It's Designated Destination By The Normal Delivery Time For Your Area : During ordering there is a "standard" time frame given for the delivery of packages to your area. Please keep in mind that the day the item is shipped out from our shop does "not" count as a day, the countdown only begins on the next business day. Sunday not included for orders placed on Saturday.
  • Delayed items could be due to Holidays, or "Acts of God" like flooding, typhoon, etc.  Please check your calendar to make sure none of these factors have been overlooked.  Delayed items are very commonly due to "misinformation" given by customers on their complete address, or for an address that has been difficult to locate by couriers in the past, the customer neglects to inform us, the shop, of any "special instructions" to ensure the courier is aware of special times of day to deliver package, certain days of the week to deliver package, landmarks to help rider/driver find your house easily. 
  • Delays can also happen when there is not a sufficient amount of riders/drivers servicing your area. For any of these concerns on delayed packages you can contact the courier via phone, facebook, or email.
  • OTD - Out Of Town Delivery. Packages that are due to be delivered to an address that is far from the couriers branch will be deemed as OTD and will say it has a "hold" on it. Meaning the courier will have to make arrangements to send the package at a later date than it may have normally been delivered. This delivery time may vary, depending on how hard to reach the persons address is. Please keep your address accessibility in mind when you place an order, so you can be realistic about the time frame of it's delivery.
  • Package is refused to be handed over to customer by LBC, or other courier which was listed as designated pickup address for package, instead of their home address : Customers sometimes want to pickup packages from an LBC office that is in their province, because it is closer to their work, their house is difficult to find, or whatever reason they feel it is better for them. Please be aware that when doing this, you open yourself to situations where your ID will be very important. Make sure to provide the name of the receiver exactly as it is written on their chosen ID. If it differs ever so slightly, the LBC will not release the item to you.
  • In these cases, you must contact us for help. LBC will need confirmation from us, and the original courier through email, and maybe telephone. You will need to provide us with the correct email address of the LBC in possession of the package, and their correct contact number, including area code. We will work with them, and the original courier to help you secure your package in a timely fashion.
  • Package never arrived to it's destination, or was lost : In this case, the customer should contact the original courier at the soonest possible time, then contact the secondary courier (if applicable) at the soonest possible time. Making sure to use the provided tracking/trace number provided to you from us in the initial transaction. 
  • We will help you in situations after you have made a "trouble shoot" attempt at the issue yourself, first : It is always best the customer contact the courier who is in care of their package first, as we are the sender but not the "owner" of the package, so the courier company will always prioritize the customer before they prioritize our queries. Please remain mindful that our help is an extension of courtesy to you, our customer, because as stated before, it is the risk taken by the customer to opt for shipping. We ask for patience, and a respectful demeanor so we can return the same attitude in kind. For customers who choose to hurl accusations, yell, curse, or other verbal abuse, via text, email, or voice call... we have the right to refuse to help you in any way, the right to refuse to ever do business with you again, and by no means will we give courteous and patient responses to abusive customers. We are all human, and should exhibit self control, patience, mature attitudes and respect to each other.
Shipping Insurance :   If the buyer wishes to have full coverage of a package, they should inform us via contact form, or text message of their decision so we can compute the additional cost for the customer to pay. The package will not be shipped out, until all additional costs have been covered. If no additional insurance is purchased, then the item will be shipped with the understanding from the buyer of the risks involved with any items shipped through courier services.

Returns : We do not accept returns at this time. Please be sure before purchasing items, and feel free to contact us about information on items if you need clarification before ordering.

Refunds : We do not entertain refunds for items. Please be sure before purchasing items that you want them, or they are the correct size/type/flavor you desire. All items have a size, or a weight to give the buyer ample idea of what to expect. Feel free to contact us about information on items if you need clarification before ordering.

Exchange : We do not entertain exchanges for items. Please be sure before purchasing items that you want them, or they are the correct size/type/flavor you desire. All items have a size, or a weight to give the buyer ample idea of what to expect. Feel free to contact us about information on items if you need clarification before ordering.

Order Cancellation Due To Non Payment : For Customers who choose bank deposit for payment, it is advisable to only place an order if you have time to pay for the purchase in a timely matter. We allot 24 hours to pay for the item(s) purchased on this site. We feel it is ample enough time to decide if you will pay or not. After 24 hour period has expired, we will automatically cancel your order. The item(s) will be put back on the site for sale for other customers who would like to purchase them.

Order Cancellation Due To Bogus Address, Bogus Name, Incomplete Shipping Information : We reserve the right to cancel any order that is received determined by PPH Animal Haven, as being bogus information. This could be a name that is not real, an address that does not appear to be real, and incomplete shipping information given by the customer at the time of the transaction. We will not entertain bogus buyers. Please do not attempt to waste our time, or your own. Bogus Information Includes : Customer ordering items with Metro Manila priced shipping, but having item(s) going to Provincial address. The order will be cancelled, and an email as to the reasoning will be sent to the customer. Customers are welcome to replace their order for the item(s) in question, with the correct shipping price to their respective area.

Shipping Fees : Some items on the site do incur a shipping charge to be shouldered by the buyer. Shipping charges are calculated by the site, for total weight of items to be shipped. This does not include "Free Shipping" items.

Free Shipping : Free shipping is offered on select items for sale on this site, meaning you will not be charged any additional shipping fee on those select items during purchase.
Free shipping is offered for Philippine customers only.
Items that are selected as Free Shipping, may or may not be combined into packages with items that are "normal" (meaning not Free Shipping). If any items with "normal" (meaning not Free Shipping) are ordered along with a Free Shipping item, those charges still apply to the order which is determined by the total weight at time of checkout, regardless if the said item(s) is combined in the same pouch with the Free Shipping item.