Saint Gertie Organic Cat Shampoo Happiness Scent 1050ml


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Saint Roche PREMIUM Organic Cat Shampoo is uniquely formulated with the highest grade of herbal oil extracts to provide the most effective catshampoo in the market without the side-effects of harmful chemicals.

Moringa Oil Extract

(Natural Antibiotic): Extracted from moringa seeds, it contains the highest natural antibiotic while being gentle on the skin. It prevents bacteria-skin related diseases.

Eucalyptus Oil Extract

(Natural Pesticide): It contains natural components in order to defend itself from pests and insects. This extract is proven to kill and prevent mites, ticks and fleas. It is now being used worldwide as the most potent natural pesticide.

Oatmeal Oil Extract

Saint Roche contains oatmeal oil extract that when used, woud absorb all the odor of your cat and prevent it from coming back for as long as fourteen days. Try this experiment, In a box with a small rotten meat, put a bowl of oatmeal. After a day, open the box and you’ll be surprised that the odor is gone. Oatmeal absorbs all odors.

Aloe Vera Oil Extract

Contains loads and loads of vitamins and minerals that are synthesized into smaller forms to easily penetrate the pores and be absorbed by the roots of the hair in order to promote hair re-growth and to make hair thicker. It also provides the most effective moisturizing component.