• Designer Style Mid-Rise Front Pack (Small)

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    Designer Style Mid-Rise Front Pack.  This is a small carrying pack for your pet dog, meant to be carried on the front of the persons body.

    The front pack comes up to the chest plate of the dog (See Example Picture). The pack has two leg holes for the hind legs, and a tail hole for comfort. It has velcro straps, and side clips for a snug fit.

    For the human, there are two attached shoulder straps (adjustable) you insert your arms into.

    Please Make Sure To Measure Your Dog Properly Before Buying This Item. Instructions Are Below.

    To properly use the measurements for your dog is as follows : High measurement should be from the height of your dogs butt (pwet) to the top of your dogs chest, in a upright sitting position.  Long measurement should be the measurement across the tummy of your dog, from right to left. Width measurement should be the measurement of your dog from the front of the tummy to the back (above the tail area).

    16cm High x 19cm Long x 14cm Width